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Kristi & Drew Neitzel 05/26/18

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Trust us when we say there is no woman more organized and prepared for dang near anything than Kristi. We often joked with her about her need for many “lists”.... but the coolest part is, she knew EXACTLY what she wanted and she knew exactly how things were supposed to be, and it made things rather simple on our ends.... we just followed the list and made sure she always had lip gloss on and someone telling her she’s stunning.

Just looking through any one of their photos you can see just how incredibly strong their relationship is... and just how made for each other they truly are.

Working with these two was amazing. The entire day was filled with joy, love, passion, beauty, laughter and so much support. Kristi’s stunning ideas came to life so beautifully. Nothing was overdone... everything was simple and elegant in the absolute best ways.

We were so lucky to have been able to put their vision to life that day, and been able to be there for all the fun moments, and the forever Charished ones... (yes, even the moment one groomsmens pants came unhemed before the ceremony and we had to makeshift sew him up just before showtime)

Thank you Kristi and Drew for putting your trust Into us.

We wish you so much love and happiness.


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