Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a mother of three with a strong passion for planning events. After I planned my own wedding from start to finish in August of 2015, I knew this was something I could see myself doing for other couples as well. Soon after we got married, my husband and I decided to add to our growing family and my dreams were temporarily put on hold. Now that our children are getting older, I decided to get certified as an event coordinator and am excited to help you plan one of the most important days of your lives!

Describing myself in three words: outgoing, bold, and confident 

Favorite TV show: any murder documentary! 


I could not go a day without: Cheese. 

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: likely out on the patio with friends during the summer or snuggling with a book, on the couch, with my kids if it’s winter! 


My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Take as many pictures as you can before the ceremony. This will give you so much more time to spend at the reception with your guests, plus the day will flow more smoothly for you and your vendors! 


My favorite hobby is: trying new restaurants and reading. 

We are Affinity Events! Caitlin and Alex founded Affinity Events—a full-service wedding planning and day-of coordination company based in Grand Rapids and traveling throughout Michigan—Almost 6 years ago. Our approach as wedding and event coordinators is to work closely with our clients to give them the utmost attention and focus on all the details no matter how big or how small. 

Whether planning a wedding for a few dozen guests or several hundred, we guarantee every event we coordinate is customized to each client’s unique story and style. We promise an event that our clients and their guests can enjoy with ease from the moment we start planning until the last person has left your celebration. 

Hi, I'm Caitlin. I’m the mother of two beautiful children and a wife to an amazing man! I have always been a creative person, from sewing to cake decorating and all things in between. I have always loved to create, organize and plan, and found myself loving the things I was able to create and put together for my own wedding.   I love the finer details that go into planning a wedding that brides often overlook. My passion truly comes from helping to make a couple's day everything that they want it to be and more. 

Describing myself in three words: Funny. Creative. Spunky. I bring the weird wherever I go... But I promise to make you laugh! 

Favorite TV show: I live for trashy reality tv and Stand up comedy! 

I could not go a day without: Music or True crime podcasts.  

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: Likely with friends or family playing cards or some other games. That or curled up on the couch with my husband and kids. 

My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Trust in your coordinators. We know the in's and we know the out's. We know what works and what doesn't! 


My favorite hobby is: I'm basically your grandma. I like to read, crochet, bake and do anything crafty.


Hi, I am Karmen. A passionate individual who enjoys connecting with people. I enjoy creating meaningful moments and wonderful experiences for others. My love for organizing and planning my own wedding is what sparked my interest in getting involved with event coordination. This love has now transpired into doing the same for others. My goal is to ensure that every couple experiences the magical moment where their vision comes together. I am super excited to be on this beautiful journey with you!

Describing myself in three words:                  Bubbly, Positive, Honest

Favorite TV show: Greenleaf, The summer I turned pretty, Sweet Magnolia

I could not go a day without: Prayer and Music

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: watching a movie in cozy PJs with my husband or out to dinner and bowling 

My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Do what you and your spouse desire, not what others desire. It is so easy for outside opinions to overwhelm decisions, so make sure you both are constantly on the same page about your wants for your big day.


My favorite hobby is:  bowling and trying new restaurants or swimming during the summer months 

Hi, I’m Sophie! I’m a dog mom and can’t wait to start on this journey. I knew that being an event coordinator was something I wanted to try and make a career out of, and after finishing up my business degree at Grand Valley State University, I am blessed enough that I could dive right into my dream job, how lucky am I? I’m super excited to expand my knowledge and get to meet so many incredible people. I can’t wait to see every little detail come together for you on your big day!

Describing myself in three words:                  Spontaneous, Outgoing, Caring

Favorite TV show: Real Housewives (New Jersey and Beverly Hills), Grey's Anatomy, and Summer house...Honestly, anything reality TV.

I could not go a day without: Snuggling on the couch with my puppy.  

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: Outside by a bonfire!!

My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Take a moment to capture all of these memories with your partner, take a step back with just the two of you, and really enjoy your day spent with the people you love most. Focus on yourselves and filling your day with love and happiness.

My favorite hobby is: Random Crafts and playing disc golf with my boyfriend.

Amanda (1).jpg

I'm a new mom to an amazing little boy and married to an incredible first responder. My husband and I worked at Heidi's Farmstand and  bakery together for over 6 years. After being friends for a while we started dating and eventually got engaged. Due to the pandemic we had to change our big wedding plans and ended up eloping!!  I love working with brides in the bakery to help make their day nothing short of amazing and plan to bring that same energy to the event planning side of things so I can be a part of making a couples wedding day dreams come true! 

Describing myself in three words: Honest, Determined, Hard working. 

Favorite TV show: The Office! 


I could not go a day without: Iced Coffee

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: Hanging out at home with my family! 


My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Make sure to plan an intimate moment for just the two of you on your big day. 

My favorite hobby is: Cooking!  

Hi, I’m Amanda. I am a proud member of my sisters book club, and a self-proclaimed professional concert goer! I fell in love with events because of music and fashion, and have a background in creative event management. After getting a taste of luxury while working in the bridal industry, helping brides find their dream gowns, I am excited to take part in helping you plan your dream day!

Describing myself in three words: Creative, confident, and keeping with the “C” theme… candid.

Favorite TV show:  I actually prefer movies! But I did binge quite a few K-dramas on Netflix during the pandemic


I could not go a day without: Music… or my planner!

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: At a concert, on a long walk, or reading a book 


My best wedding advice to couples getting married is:  Think about the moments where you were happiest and let us bring that feeling to life again for your big day!


My favorite hobby is: Reading, OR repeatedly telling my dog he is the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen.


Hi, I’m Katelyn! I am dog mom to Lucy and a recent 2022 bride. By day, I work for an insurance brokerage and my husband is a welder and US Marine. After spending two years planning my dream wedding, I realized how passionate I was about the wedding world and enjoyed a new way to express creativity and my love for planning. The feeling of your vision coming to life is so special, and I can’t wait to help others plan their dream day!

Describing myself in three words:  Passionate, Caring, Loyal

Favorite TV show: Reality TV and anything created by Shonda Rhimes

I could not go a day without: A matcha oakmilk latte

It's Friday night and we don't have a wedding. You can find me: On the couch catching up on tv shows with my husband and dog or out trying a new restuarant in GR.

My best wedding advice to couples getting married is: Remember this day is about you and your partner! Make decisions on what is important to you and creating your dream wedding


My favorite hobby is: crafting with my cricut or snuggling my dog.