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Venue Coordinator vs. 'Day of' Coordinator

Far too often we hear "My venue has a coordinator who will be available the day of my wedding." The biggest misconception in this statement is that they are there for YOU. Most venue coordinators are only coordinating their venue. They are an advocate for... their venue. Not for the couples getting married at the venue.

The myth behind the venue coordinator is that they are there to make your day run smoothly. A venue coordinator is there to make sure everything inside their building runs smoothly. They are there to set the tables and chairs out the way you agreed upon.. They are there to make sure everything having to do with their venue is taken care of. Often times a venue coordinator leaves the reception after dinner or cake is served. This is not ALWAYS the case, you may have a venue coordinator who also does some ceremony coordinating or is more hands on in the decor department if you rent the decor through the venue. But their coordination is still very limited, as a "Day of coordinator" has no limits... as long as you and your partner are happy...we always strive to go above and beyond.

When you hire a "day of" coordinator (I put that in quotations because it's more like month of coordination), you are hiring an advocate for you. You are hiring someone who is going to execute your vision. Who will listen to you and make sure what you want is whats coming to life. You are hiring someone who will check on you through the day to make sure you are doing well and not on the brink of a meltdown. You are hiring someone who will ensure your day runs exactly how you thought it would.

Think of Affinity Events as your personal wedding assistant or project manager, in charge of any and all aspects or your wedding. the ENTIRE thing. But we are not just that. We are also your mediator, we offer different points of view, we are a friend and people you can turn to at all times.

As an outside "boutique" wedding planning company we may deal with 10-15 weddings or events a year, while a Venues coordinator is dealing with, almost triple that amount.

Keep in mind too... You should always ask your venue if their preferred contact/vendor list is built based upon who pays to be there.

We have a great list built with vendors who are there based upon trust. We have specifically worked with each of them and love how they run as a business and people we can trust. No amount of money can take the place of Trust.

This post is in no way intended to bash a venue coordinator, or their position. When we have worked weddings in the past with venue coordinators they have been wonderful and we've enjoyed doing so. This is just to shed light on the facts. That they are not the same thing, and if you believe all you need is someone overseeing the venue, than having a venue coordinator is perfect for you! If you feel you need a bit more, Affinity has you covered 150%


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