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2018 was our year!

2018 has been nothing short of amazing for Affinity Weddings and Events! 

When trying to put into words this year at a glance we can't help but get mushy over how wonderful it really has been for us. 

We often get asked "How'd the two of you get into this business?" and it's so funny to look back and see just how brave we really were... We took such a leap of faith and we are both so grateful for doing so. Alex and I have known each other for 6 1/2 years or so (Our husbands are best friends and so we were forced to like each other.... Kidding.. we were naturally drawn to one another and have become amazing friends along the way) But towards the end of 2017 we joked a lot about starting a wedding planning business because we both have such a passion for everything wedding. In NO time at all those jokes became real conversations and those conversations turned into plans and actions and before we knew it we were one week away from the new year and had everything ready to launch at the 1st of the year.

And that was that. We hit the ground running with a little fear but a lot of hope and a ton of drive. We WANTED this. We didn't expect too much because naturally people want to hire experienced coordinators... which is totally understandable..but thats where the fear came in... How will we ever get couples to hire and trust us without any prior experience? 

So we set up our first styled shoot, we set out to meet with many many vendors to find people we can work with and who would want to work with us so we could build a team of trusted vendors and hustled hard to get our name out there. 

A few months into 2018 we had just a couple of bookings which we were SO thrilled about.

Our first ever wedding was in April.. Then May.. Then June was packed and before we knew it we had a full summer of weddings we were Coordinating. The Joy and pride set in and we were so thankful. 

Affinity Events is going on their second year in a few days and we just wanted to say THANK YOU... thank you to every bride and groom who put their trust into us. Thank you to our families and friends for every bit of support through this entire year. Thank you to our Husbands for holding down the fort during the weekends we were gone and the nights we had meetings. Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who we have worked with who passed our name along. We appreciate you all so much. 

2018 was so much more amazing than we could have ever dreamed and it gives us so much hope for bigger and better things that will come. 

Have a fun and safe New Year!

We wish you all well. 



Kristi & Drew 

 Olivia & Dustin

Lindsay & Jordan

Caitlin & Kurt

Andrea & Montana 

Kierstyn & Curtis

Miranda & Matt

Elaina & Sam 

 Rachel & Josh

 Suzannah & Chris

 Jen & Matt

 Ann & Newton

 Styled Shoot Models

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