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Suzannah & Chris 06/03/18

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Chris and Suzannah's wedding was held at the Downtown Market, and if you don't know anything about that venue... it is always open to the public so they do not allow much time to set up prior to the event because of this (Unless of course you pay for additional hours).... So while the venue is STUNNING in every possible way, we were on a strict time schedule. We had only a few hours to turn a bare room into a gorgeous reception space.

We were thrilled Chris and Suzannah hired us to be the ones to tackle this task because it meant it would really put our skills to the test. Pressure was on.. and we loved every second of it.

We did get lucky as a few of their closest friends and family members came in to help with some setup which made for a fun and all hands on deck kind of time.

When it came down to ceremony time we are unsure if it were possible for Suzannah to look any more gorgeous. Her gown was an absolute dream and she didn't for one second look nervous.. She smiled... she took a breath... and went and married her man... Flawlessly.

The ceremony was perfect. The couple incorporated the Irish Hand Fasting Tradition.. which was so cool to watch and such a beautiful way to include their parents and members of the family they are really close with.

All in all..this day was perfection. This beautiful couple will always hold a spot in our hearts and we are so thankful they put their trust in us and that we were able to complete each and every task without a glitch.

We wish you two nothing but the best!

Thank you again!




Florals - Kennedy's Flowers and Gifts

Coordinator - Affinity Wedding and Events

Venue - Downtown Market

Photography - Finn RAUEN

Hotel - Amway Grand Hotel

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