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Jen & Matt 6-8-18

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

When we met with Matt and Jen we were ecstatic to see all the decor she had planned out for their wedding day. We met with them at their home and Jen had everything set up on the table exactly how it would be on the day they wed.

Picture this; The most stunning barn venue (Hydrangea Blu Barn-Rockford, MI) and an incredibly modern/sophisticated style mixed with beautiful greenery and subtle hints of gold.


The gold with the greenery laid so nicely on top on the stunning old wooden styled tables at the barn. It was pure beauty.

Setting up everything that morning was so much fun. Jen was as calm as can be and enjoying her peaceful morning as we looked over all the details to ensure that when she stepped out into that barn, her vision came alive... And we couldn't be happier that it did.

They wed right on the pavement outside of the barn which was the most stunning backdrop to such a simple yet gorgeous ceremony. The day was gorgeous, the sun was shining...nothing but blue skies and open fields around them.

It was perfect.

We are lucky to have worked with such laid back, funny, and amazing people with such impeccable style.

Thank you Jen & Matt for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful day. We wish you nothing but the best.



Photo Credit to the wonderful

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