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7 Wedding Planning myths-Debunked.

We all do it.... As young girls we run around pretending its our wedding day and pretending we are planning it from beginning to end, picking out our dresses and choosing our bridesmaids.. imagining how beautiful that moment will be and how much fun it'll be to do the planning. Imagining a fast forward to the moment we kiss our prince charming and suddenly we are married and dancing the night away as husband and wife... not a care in the world, not a problem in sight. ... Then we grow up... Still dreaming of the big day and all the glory it will be and how fun and smooth the planning process will go.. still assuming it will go off without a glitch. Smooth like butter.

Fun fact..... reality rarely meets its expectations.

Here are some common misconceptions about the entire wedding planning process;

Myth number 1- I can not afford a wedding planner/coordinator and I can do it myself!

Busted- Most people assume hiring a planner is for big budget weddings.... and that they will completely break the bank when in reality that isn't true at all. Budgeting is key... in both large and smaller scale weddings... A planner helps you stay within that budget and they work with specific vendors all the time which will more than likely save you money in the long run. They have done the budget research. They know right off hand who you can afford and who you cannot based upon your budget and they often team up with their vendors to create packages to ideally save you money as well. And anyone could assume the planning process will go smoothly.... Until it doesn't and you are in panic mode. There are a LOT of things people forget or a lot of things people do not realize take so much time and effort. Hiring a planner takes this entire stress off you and you can enjoy the process rather than stress it. A good planner will keep you organized and enjoying all the moments leading up to and on the big day.

Myth number 2- I can save money by DIYing everything.

Busted- Likely you will not be saving any money by DIY projects. The time and money into materials ends up costing just as much as it would if you purchased and or rented the items. Some people, however, enjoy the crafting which is a-okay, but keep in mind you are not crafting for just one table or just 10 people. You are doing this for many many people and lots and lots of tables... i'd lay money after a while you begin wishing you hadn't DIY'ed anything and just bought/rented things. Who wants to be knee deep in table decor at midnight before the wedding? Not me.

Myth number 3- I can use friends and family in place of some vendors.

Busted- Sure Aunt Sue will be super cheap and loves to photograph on her spare time.. but there are a few problems with that... You want Aunt Sue to enjoy the festivities rather than spending the day "working" and you also want those pictures to be taken by someone who knows lighting/angles/positions and everything else there is to know.. Anyone can pick up a camera but not everyone can take amazing photos. Some things you can skimp on... Some you just shouldn't. When it comes to certain things you should try and stay away from using family and friends and let those people attend the wedding and enjoy the moments. Often times a family member will do sub-quality work or make last-minute changes you didn’t approve of because you are family or close friends and they think you will be okay with it.. ultimately, potentially damaging your relationships with those people.

Myth number 4- Getting married will break the entire bank.

Busted- There are so many ways to get married without completely emptying your accounts. Set your priorities and you will be able to host an amazing celebration that fits into your wedding budget. Your venue, guest list and wedding date make three major points where you can save, and then you can splurge on things that are important to you such as photography, food, flowers and your wedding dress. Choose a off season date, shop second hand, or shorten the guest list... Your moms 3rd cousins uncles best friend doesn't NEED to be there if you barely remember them or you have't spoke in 10 years.

Myth number 5- You must have an even bridal party.

Busted- This is YOUR day. Have one bridesmaid and 3 groomsmen, one of each, 4 of each, 5 maids and 6 men.... YOUR DAY means you can choose what you want and who you want to be in your bridal party. You can always make it work. Have 2 girls walk with one guy.. or two guys with one girl. Have fun with it. Ask who you want to be involved and if the numbers do not happen to match up... do not stress having to find someone to fill a spot... Just go with it.

Myth number 6- You should have at least a year engagement.

Busted- Its possible to plan a wedding in less than a year, believe it or not. Who decided 365 was the perfect amount of time anyway? Yes, it COULD be difficult booking certain vendors due to them being booked up early on.. BUT that doesn't mean there will not be any vendors... PLUS... some vendors will reduce prices when a date is closer and they still have it open.

Myth number 7- Your dad must walk you down the aisle, you must have something borrowed and blue, must wear white and do a garter removal and bouquet toss.... Blah blah. Busted- NO you don't. Back to the idea that this is YOUR day... The Garter removal always gave me the willies... my GRANDPA is in the crowd watching my brand new husband take something off my thigh in front of everyone with his teeth......Isn't that sort of thing meant for the bedroom? But if you want that.. by all means, have it, but do not feel obligated to follow every unspoken "rule" of weddings. Your wedding should be unique to you and your fiance... not tradition or what everyone else does. DO YOU LADIES.

I am sure there are a million things we all assume is going to happen on our wedding day or during the planning that isn't what we expected... But that doesn't mean its any less amazing.

It might seem stressful sometimes but just remember one thing.. the day is yours... For you and the love of your life to become one in front of the closest friends and family you have... Try and enjoy every moment. Take everything in... its not something we get everyday.



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