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Saying yes to the dress!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Choosing the dress is one of the most exciting moments in the planning process, the moment we all look forward to. I think the second I got engaged my mind went straight to “I wonder what style dress will look best on me”, and one of the very first wedding vendors I contacted was the bridal shop.  It’s such a fun and exciting time! Grab your maids, pop some bubbly, and get fancy in some of the most beautiful dresses you’ll ever have the pleasure to try on. It’s amazing. 

But where do you start? There are so many styles, shapes, materials.... it can be overwhelming to decide just what will look best on your figure but also flatter your style. 

While you could just go to a bridal shop with no real idea what you’re looking for, or you could research what options there are before hand to have a better idea of what you’re leaning towards. 

Which Body type might you be? 

We are all beautifully made reguardless of which body type we fall into... its just a good way to understand what types of dresses might flatter the areas you love and possibly hide the areas you might not love as much! 

Straight- if your hips, shoulders and bust are roughly the same size as your waist you’ve most likely got a “straight” body type.

Pear- If your hips are larger than your waist, shoulders and bust you’d fall into the “pear” body type.

Hourglass- If your hips, shoulders and bust are around the same size but your waist is 25% smaller than all of them... you likely have an “hourglass” body type.  

Inverted Triange- If your shoulders and/or bust are larger than your hips, you’re rocking an “inverted triange” body type. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what dress type would look best with what body shape you likely have.... 

Like body types, there are a few options for “silhouettes” (dress styles) as they are called.  

So many silhouettes 

This is where it can get tough to choose.... since there are many different silhouette options, it’s likely you will be wondering which style best fits? 

Here’s a breakdown of the silhouettes and which ones tend to flatter certain body types.  

A-line dresses feature a fitted top that gradually flares down to the ground, creating a classic, unbroken silhouette. This can be a perfect fit for a inverted triange and pear shape, as it tends to balance out shoulders and hips. It can also create a little curve for the more straight bodied woman. 

Empire dresses feature a higher waist that hugs your upper body with a straight and flowing skirt for a simple, classic and stylish look. This dress is great at complimenting the slim figure of a straight type and can also look beautiful over someone with wider hips making it a flattering choice for the pear or hourglass shaped bride as well! 

Trumpet and Mermaid dresses can have a more “sexy” feel because they hug the bust, waist AND hips to show off a woman’s figure. Which is why this dress is incredibly flattering on the hourglass shape. These two are very similar but the trumpet tends to flare out around mid thigh... while the mermaid tends to begin flaring around the knee. 

Sheath style wedding gowns have a long, slim silhouette that follows the body’s natural line without flaring out. This type of wedding dress shows off a sleek and slender figure and is best suited to those with an hourglass, or straight body type for a classy and elegant look.  

Ball gowns (or the princess dress) usually have a fitted top with a very full skirt beginning just below the bust. They show off your bust and upper body and cover the hips, legs and waist. This dress can look incredible on all body types but sometimes someone smaller or with a straight body type can find themselves getting a bit lost in a dress like this.

While there are many different styles it’s best to try on a few different sillouettes to see what looks best on you and what makes you feel most flattering and comfortable. The greatest thing about life is we are all different. A dress should be unique to you and you should absolutely love it, so have fun with it! Enjoy the dress shopping process and don’t feel discouraged if you do not find one the first time. 


For some additional help I found a fun guide for you, and as always if you have any questions, we are always here to help! 



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