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Beat it, Wedding Stress!

Hey guys! Its us, Alex and Caitlin! We are co-owners of the event coordinating company, Affinity Weddings & Events, LLC, and best friends! We met through our husbands, who went to high school together and are life long friends, it was love at first sight! Our personalities clicked immediately and we vibe so well that we decided to start a business together. This is something the two of us have been talking about for YEARS and we finally decided to take the plunge and do what we are passionate about!

Alright, enough about us, lets talk BUSINESS! We offer 3 amazing packages to suit any wedding planning needs.

Our bronze package, proving to be the most popular, is everything you will need for day of coordination! We offer a silver package which will have us being involved at about three months out and we will take care of the stress that comes with the last months of wedding planning. And finally, the whole shebang, the Mac Daddy, the Filet Mignon of wedding planning, our GOLD package! This package will let you be as involved or not as you want. You can give us a budget and vision board and we can soar from there! OR, you can give us a budget, and a vision board and we will be your expert best friend on speed dial the whole way through with any questions or meltdowns you may be experiencing!

Anyone who has planned, or is planning a wedding will tell you it is more stressful than they thought it would be. Some people, like us weirdos, actually ENJOY planning weddings. Can you even believe that!? We help with all of the stress! If the very thought of researching and meeting with vendors gets you anxious, you will want us to help you the whole way with our gold package! If you THOUGHT you were able to handle all of the planning on your own and its proving to just be too much, call in some emergency back up and let us ease your stress with the silver package! If you feel like you can handle most of the planning, but you need a “go-to” person for the day of your wedding, the bronze package will be your best friend. Weddings are stressful, but they don't HAVE to be! Call in your new best friends, Alex and Caitlin, and let us do the stressing and you do the enjoying! We truly are passionate about all of the couples we meet with and talk to. We can't wait to hear your love story!


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