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The importance of RSVP's | Yes or no, just let us KNOW!

News Flash!- RSVP'S are not optional! Popcorn with your movie- Optional. Ham on your pizza- Optional. RSVPing to a wedding/event.. NOT Optional. So please stop opening your mail and tossing the RSVP aside and just assuming that your favorite niece knows you're coming to her wedding and bringing the newest beau in your life. Take the five seconds to put a little X on the little printed line, shove it back into the pre stamped, pre paid, pre addressed envelope... and put it into your mailbox. Easy as pie.

So what does RSVP even mean? Répondez, S’il Vous Plait..or in English.. Please Respond.... Maybe it's the french that throws us all off? But to break it down... RSVP means PLEASE RESPOND WHETHER YOU ARE ATTENDING OR YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING. Do not assume that that RSVP means 'I only respond if I cannot attend' That is never the case... UNLESS the RSVP states "REGRETS only".

Simple... Right?

RSVP's are not sent out just because people think they are pretty... We already are dropping too much money on a event.. trust me when I say people do not just buy RSVP's, the envelopes to match, the calligraphy, the stamps...because the LOOK pretty. They have a purpose. A HUGE purpose.

Let me explain....

For most events.. whether it be a wedding, a holiday party, a friends backyard bbq... planning is key.

Preparing HAS to happen, and to do so we must know a few things.

How many people are we preparing for?

  • For seating purposes or space purposes.

  • For food purposes.

  • For favor purposes.

  • For dessert purposes.

  • For alcohol purposes.

Believe it or not there is also some RSVP etiquette to follow...

  1. Do not assume you can bring a guest without that being clearly addressed on the card/envelope. (If you are unsure.. Give the hosts a call/email them.. Its better than bringing a guest not accounted for who is also not paid for)

  2. Do not RSVP that you are coming and then not show... Doing so means someone paid for you (and possibly a guest) and that money just flew faster than crap out the window.

  3. Respond as soon as possible. Once you get the Invite, turn right around and put that sucker right back in the mailbox... Making a host hunt people down for their replies is torture. Be nice and get that RSVP back to them.

  4. Replying NO is better than Replying yes and not coming or not replying at all. Everyone has lives.. sometimes life does not allow us to attend everything we get invited to.. Don't feel sorry and try to avoid that... Just say no.

  5. If you replied YES and can not make it due to life happening as the event approaches.. Do not just let it be. Call the host, email them, text, message, go to their house, snail mail... They don't care HOW you let them know.. just do it.

Simply put, be a good person. RSVP.

It is not rocket science or a trip to the dentist.

It is common courtesy.



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