• Caitlin Wernet

Ann & Newton- April 28, 2018

Meet the wonderful Ann and Newton Mulama! Ann and Newton came to Alex and I just a few short weeks from their big day with so many planning fears and with many, many questions of how the day would go and how they could enjoy it to the fullest without having to worry about a thing. Although they couldn't agree on some things... the first meeting came and went and we all left feeling GREAT. Meeting the two of them was an absolute blast and we could tell from the very moment we met there was something special about them both. They fit like a glove and there was never a dull moment between the two of them. They both smiled the entire time, even through their wedding day jitter bugs. Alex and I set out to ensure Ann and Newton both had the most amazing time on the best and biggest day of their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Mulama! And THAT, we can say.. was accomplished. We saw tears of JOY, an INCREDIBLY loving family, Support from literally everyone that came to witness this beautiful commitment, and one thing that hit us ALL in the feels... Ann's adoptive daughter's speech... where she asked Newton to adopt her and her little brother. Queue ALL the tears. Aside from the PERFECTION of all the details that went into their wedding it was the love we witnessed that we will never forget. We enjoyed more than anything being there to ensure Ann was always fueled with a glass of courage, that Newton was on-time and smiling that big wonderful smile, being there to get a few extra laughs out of their kids, and to know the entire BEAUTIFUL day went on without a glitch. From set up to tear down, Alex and I are so thankful to have been apart of it all. Ann and Newton, we wish you both the absolute best. -A&C

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